Your eyes are very complex organs that may require different solutions. Our stock lenses are made in a uniform manner and they may not function well for you in all optical environments. What works well for one individual may not do so for another. Recognizing this fact, we have a 30-day return/exchange policy that will allow you plenty of time to try our products and determine whether they are adequate for your optical circumstances and needs.

Light Penetration
Our Crystalion-3™ lenses are clear without any tint. It is tint that makes lenses dark and it prevents the light from penetrating to your eyes. Tint is a physical property and it is applied to the lenses in various degrees of strength. As a physical property, it acts as a layer between the lenses and your eyes that creates the darkness that you have experienced by wearing regular sunglasses. By eliminating the application of tint we have eliminated that layer of darkness. Nonetheless, even though the lenses are clear, the mirror that we apply is a physical property and as such its presence does slightly diminish the penetration of light.

If the lenses are clear and without tint, how can we hide the eyes? Our Crystalion-3™ mirror application achieves that effect as it creates a visually impenetrable layer between the field of vision and your eyes. Since everyone's vision is somewhat different and tolerance to light penetration varies, your eyes need time to adjust. You should know within 20-30 minutes whether our lenses are beneficial to you or not.

Light Penetration and Mirror Combined
Although everyone's optical requirements are different, the penetration of light from above or the sides into the space between your eyes and the lenses may create varying degrees of glare. This happens because this light "bounces" off the mirror and back into your eyes despite the fact that we apply a Backside Anti Reflective layer. The absence of tint which normally absorbs this light penetration in normal sunglasses may make this bouncing effect visible to you. It is an unavoidable by-product of the clear lenses and our Crystalion-3™ mirror. Some people see it others do not.

Recommendations for Maximum Effectiveness
Every poker room is different in terms of light sources. Some rooms are rather dark, and others are very bright. And in each room the placement or location of light sources varies. For maximum effectiveness we strongly recommend the wearing of a hat or hoodie as it will block the penetration of light from above and limit any possible glare issues. A hat will also tunnel your visual field in a very precise and clear way.

Do not force your eyes. Let them naturally adjust to the new experience. Do not look at the lenses. Let your eyes look and concentrate beyond the lenses.

Our lenses perform differently for different people. You will be able to know whether your eyes can adjust or not within 20-30 minutes of play. Do not keep playing beyond this period if you experience any visual discomfort, eye strain or headaches.

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